Rolapal Ltd is a manufacturer & exporter of mobility & assistive technology products. Our manufacturing facility is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rolapal gets its name from “Rola” (mobility) “Pal” (friend). Rolapal began in 2013 from a foundation of making custom wheelchair seating for individuals & expanded into an array of adjustable products & packages which are empowering both the therapists & users to achieve amazing results. The “r inside a circle” symbolises a “walking aid” inside a “wheel” for mobility. The Blue colour represents air, lightness & pressure care.

Amongst our Team we have engineers with experience from aerospace & chemical sectors and a variety of crafts people, all specializing in their various tasks from foam manufacturing, carbon fibre moulding to sewing & assembling & finishing with our quality control experts.

Rolapal is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 accredited for quality assurance, safety & environmental controls. Also, our cushions have been tested to various ISO standards & our wheelchair seating has been crash tested to meet the requirements of WC20 & ISO 16840-4.


At Rolapal we reduce power consumption by using LED lighting, & sensor lighting which automatically switch off when you leave a room.

Waste is reduced by our re-use & recycling programmes.

Rolapal designs its Dreamline Wheelchair Seating to be Durable & have a long lifespan. This in turn reduces waste.

Constant improvements to the manufacturing process helps Rolapal become more efficient but also helps reduce waste. For example, with cutting fabric or foam smaller items are nested in & amongst bigger items to reduce off-cut wastage.


Dreamline products are designed to able to be re-issued to more than the original individual. Custom configurations of the cushion & backrest can be reversed & set at neutral ready for the next occupant. Water resistant inner cushion cover protect the cushion from being soiled.

Approximately 30% of Rolapal foam off-cuts are “chipped” into pillow fill & then repurposed into our STX Backrest Pillows & Enduro Pillows.


Rolapal Recycles its cardboard & appropriate plastic waste.

Foam waste which Rolapal cannot use is returned to the manufacturer for recycling into new products such as flooring underlay.

Rolapal Products contain often contain aluminium & stainless steel which can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Dreamline Gel can be 100% recycled into new gel products. Any Gel off-cuts or obsolete gel products are recycled for use in different products.