Dreamline Seat Bases

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating

Dreamline Seat Bases

Dreamline Quick-release Seat Pan

The Dreamline Quick-release Seat Pan provides a sturdy support base for the cushion. Slots & holes ensure easy attachment for supports & hip belts. The quick-release system is intuitive to use with its “grab-and-go” function.

Rigid Cushion Base

The Dreamline Rigid Base fits inside the covers & attaches to the inner. It is designed to be used in conjunction with wheelchairs which have tension adjustable seats. It is smaller than the wheelchair frame size so that it pulls tension adjustable seat tight creating a level surface for the cushion when the individual is seated. The Dreamline Rigid base is thin (4mm) so it doesn’t impact on the seated height of the user.

Dreamline Seat Pans provide a stable foundation for the Pelvis to which various levels of support can be built upon.

  • Customizable
  • Aluminium shell with Nylon feet to protect the wheelchair frame with stainless steel & alloy clamps & fasteners
  • Other items included in the pack: Fasteners & Clamps
  • Height Under User (at front under thighs – 18″x18″): 4mm
  • Max User Weight: 135kg
DSP0808 DSP0810 DSP1010 DSP1012 DSP1212 DSP1214 DSP1414
DSP1416 DSP1418 DSP1515 DSP1516 DSP1517 DSP1616 DSP1618
DSP1620 DSP1717 DSP1919 DSP1816 DSP1818 DSP1820 DSP1822
DSP1919 DSP2018 DSP2020 DSP2218 DSP2220 DSP2222 DSP2420
DSP2422 DSP2424

Keeping the cushion level & without “hammocking” is essential to preserving posture. A sagging seat can cause the cushion to sit lopsided potentially affecting the pelvic obliquity & pelvic tilt.

DCRB0808 DCRB0810 DCRB1010 DCRB1012 DCRB1212 DCRB1214 DCRB1414
DCRB1416 DCRB1418 DCRB1515 DCRB1516 DCRB1517 DCRB1616 DCRB1618
DCRB1620 DCRB1717 DCRB1919 DCRB1816 DCRB1818 DCRB1820 DCRB1822
DCRB1919 DCRB2018 DCRB2020 DCRB2218 DCRB2220 DCRB2222 DCRB2420
DCRB2422 DCRB2424