Rolapal Ltd is a manufacturer & exporter of mobility & assistive technology products. Our manufacturing facility is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rolapal gets its name from “Rola” (mobility) “Pal” (friend). Rolapal began in 2013 from a foundation of making custom wheelchair seating for individuals & expanded into an array of adjustable products & packages which are empowering both the therapists & users to achieve amazing results. The “r inside a circle” symbolises a “walking aid” inside a “wheel” for mobility. The Blue colour represents air, lightness & pressure care.

Amongst our Team we have engineers with experience from aerospace & chemical sectors and a variety of crafts people, all specializing in their various tasks from foam manufacturing, carbon fibre moulding to sewing & assembling & finishing with our quality control experts.

Rolapal is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 accredited for quality assurance, safety & environmental controls. Also, our cushions have been tested to various ISO standards & our wheelchair seating has been crash tested to meet the requirements of WC20 & ISO 16840-4.

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Family Business

Rolapal, being a family owned & family run business, binds a family values culture into the team. The Rolapal team is friendly, support each other, are passionate & responsible. Everyone in the team is important, each bringing unique qualities & skills & are valued for their part in the Rolapal family. Some are dancers, some sporty, some farmers, some cooks & some singers all uniting to send out streams of amazing products & services.


Rolapal’s innovative & highly capable mobility products bring a new level of versatility encompassing the needs of many individuals with disabilities. Ruggedness, style, genuine pressure care & overall adaptability make them the safe preferred option. It’s never been easier to achieve excellent wheelchair seating results.


When manufacturing mobility & wheelchair seating products for those who need extra support, we study our product designs from every angle through the eyes of the user including safety, comfort, functionality, technology & aesthetics. This viewpoint contributes a sense of reality empowering us to create truly great products.

Rolapal has quickly evolved to include numerous versatile options & accessories for many diverse postural needs & continues to progress on an amazing journey of innovation & development.


We have been privileged to meet with many amazing people who face day to day challenges. It is our mission to find ways to liberate both those who need care and those caring for others.


To create revolutionary mobility products which are easy to use, have outstanding comfort & versatility, whilst minimalizing the need for maintenance.


Innovation is the heart of Rolapal. We are committed to delivering world leading designs & are constantly sourcing new materials, analysing new processes & exploring new ideas in our design laboratory. Rolapal has many patents pending & registered designs for our unique designs.

The finest designers of Rolapal products are the users themselves & our distribution partners. Rolapal is very grateful for feedback & are always keen for suggestions to help develop our products. If you have a suggestion you would like to share please send an email