Our Guarantee

All Rolapal products are designed & manufactured to the highest standard & carry a 18 month guarantee against defects in materials & workmanship from the original date of purchase.

If a Rolapal product is found to be defective, Rolapal will repair or replace the item at its discretion without charge.

Components from other brands such as Whitmyer, Pin-Dot, Jay, Stealth, Bodypoints, Freedonm Designs, Ottobock, Spex Seating etc. are able to be attached to Dreamline Seating without invalidating the Rolapal warranty. Follow the instructions for “ATTACHMENT OF COMPONENTS FROM OTHER BRANDS TO ROLAPAL PRODUCTS” in the product instructions.


This warranty does not however, cover damage arising from negligence, misuse, general wear & tear or modifications to the item.

The Rolapal warranty is void if the product has been involved in a motor vehicle accident or a sudden stop putting undue stress on the item & must be immediately decommissioned for the safety of the user.

The Rolapal warranty only covers Rolapal products. The warranty does not cover damage to or arising from goods of other brands which have been attached to Rolapal products or goods which Rolapal products have been attached to.

The warranty applies to the original purchase only.

In circumstances where Rolapal has replaced a product, the original product becomes the property of Rolapal Ltd.

The Rolapal warranty is void if the serial number is unreadable or removed.


When goods are thought to be faulty they must be returned to the dealer from which they were originally purchased. The dealer will forward the goods to Rolapal for assessment. If goods are deemed faulty by Rolapal they will be repaired or replaced & despatched to the dealer free of charge. Rolapal will not be held accountable for the costs of sending goods to Rolapal or for the removal or reinstallation of components.


Rolapal Ltd makes no claims as to the therapeutic effectiveness of our products. It is the responsibility of the prescriber of the seating to determine when & how the products are configured & used for an individual.

Product Recalls

It is the responsibility of each dealer to record the serial numbers of Rolapal products sold in case of a situation arising where products may need to be recalled for repair or replacement.