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Wheelchairs provide freedom & independence while Wheelchair Seating preserves posture, provides comfort & support to the user.

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Our Story

Rolapal Ltd is a manufacturer & exporter of mobility & assistive technology products. Our manufacturing facility is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rolapal gets its name from “Rola” (mobility) “Pal” (friend). Rolapal began in 2013 from a foundation of making custom wheelchair seating for individuals & expanded into an array of adjustable products & packages which are empowering both the therapists & users to achieve amazing results. The “r inside a circle”

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Adjustability without compromise
Dynamic Pressure management technologies
Ease of use
Performance enhancing materials manufacturing
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The Dreamline Scripting App streamlines the scripting of complex wheelchair seating.

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Experience the convenience of autogenerated codes ensuring accuracy while visual images aid the selection process. Simply, select your items, choose your size, customize & add accessories then seamlessly forward your selection summary via email or save it for future reference.

Dreamline DNA

Dreamline steps up to exceed the challenges of Wheelchair Seating, using all mediums available including Air, Gels, Fluids, polymers & foam as well as high tech 4-way stretch fabrics, composites, carbon fibre & alloys, combining them with methodology & ISO testing to ensure best outcomes for our users. Dreamline is a well-used tool by therapists to achieve their ambitions & solutions for the user.

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The head through gravity leads the body. For users presenting with low tone & less ability.
How can we get the best Performance from the wheelchair?
Our posture, the way we hold ourselves affects our overall wellbeing in many ways.
Having pain in your wheelchair? Types of pain & tips to try...
How can we reduce the risk of a pressure injury?

Dreamline Integration Made Easy

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating is a universal system for easy attachment to all types of wheelchairs including lightweight, standard manual, tilt-in-space & power bases from most recognized manufacturers such as Invacare, Glide, Sunrise Medical, Pride Mobility, Ottobock, Ti-Lite, Karma, Kuschall, & PDG etc.

Components from other brands such as Whitmyer, Pin-Dot, Jay, Stealth, Bodypoints, Ottobock, Spex Seating etc. are able to be attached to Dreamline mobility products without invalidating the Rolapal warranty.

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