Dreamline Wheelchair Seating

Dreamline Assessment & Service Kits

Product Code: DAKBC

The Dreamline Assessment Kit includes all the items that may be used when setting up a new seat. It is neatly packaged in a fold-up pack which opens to allow full access to all the contents during a seating assessment. 

Included in the kit:

  • Dreamline Fabric & colour Sample Swatch. x 1
  • Dreamline Foam Sample Swatch x 1
  • Dreamline Gel & Supracor Sample Swatch x 1
  • STX Cushion Lateral Segment 3” x 2
  • STX Cushion Lateral Segment 4” x 2
  • STX Cushion Lateral Segment 6” STX Cushion Low Lateral Segment 6” x 2
  • STX Cushion Low Lateral Segment 8” x 2
  • BAC Pads 10pk x 1
  • Dreamline Foam Cluster pack x 2
  • Dreamline Cluster Gel Pack x 2
  • Dreamline Cluster Sunmate Foam Pack x 2


Product Code: DSKF

A robust container holding Dreamline’s most often used fasteners. Packs are labelled with their part numbers for easy reordering.

Included in the pack:

  • M6 coach Nuts (20pk)
  • Headrest Mount Knob (2)
  • 2-Hole Fixing Plate (20pk)
  • 3-Hole Fixing Plate (20pk)
  • Multi-tool & Spanner
  • Nyloc Nut M6 (20pk)
  • Large Aluminium Washer (20pk)
  • Coach Bolt M6x16 (20pk)
  • Coach Bolt M6x20 (20pk)
  • Coach Bolt M6x25 (20pk)
  • Ignite Backrest Shroud (4pk)
  • Cap Screw M5x20 (20pk)
  • Button Hex Screw M6x12 (20pk)
  • Button Hex Screw M6x16 (20pk)
  • Button Hex Screw M6x20 (20pk)
  • Button Hex Screw M6x25 (20pk)
  • Button Hex Screw M6x30 (20pk)
  • Flat Washer M6x12 (20pk)
  • Flat Washer M6x19 (20pk)
  • Spring Washer (20pk)
  • Countersunk Hex Screw M5x10 (20pk)
  • Countersunk Hex Screw M6x8 (20pk)
  • Countersunk Hex Screw M6x16 (20pk)
  • Countersunk Hex Screw M6x25 (20pk)