Quality & Safety

Transport Safety Approved

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating has been independently tested & approved to WC20 & ISO16840-4 Standards for forward facing transportation in motor vehicles with users up to 135kg.

Easy Care

All covers are removable & machine washable. No other maintenance required.

Flame Retardant

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating takes great care to select foams & fabrics which contain flame retardant properties.

Meticulous Fabric & Foam Selection

Antibacterial; Flame retardant; Performance & endurance tested and proven.

Attention To Detail

Beautifully finished; Skilled craftsmanship; Comprehensive quality control.

Trouble Free

Triple-lock hardware is easy to adjust yet doesn't slip with time.

Pressure management technologies

Approximately 70% of all wheelchair users experience pressure issue at some point in their lives. Rolapal uses Gel, fluid & Air for pressure & skin protection.

Designed To Last

Durable stainless steel & aluminium construction.



Rolapal places intense emphasis on pressure care & skin protection throughout the design & material selection process. Our unique “bubble contour” designs demonstrate the extent of the comfort & care towards the user. We also use High density, impact absorbing pressure relieving foams on all supporting surfaces of the wheelchair seating products.

Care is taken to ensure the user is protected from moving components & metal edges. This includes mechanism cover wraps, soft rubber edges & pads which extend or envelope metal components to protect the user from potential damage to skin tissue.

Transport Safety Approved

The following components have all been tested & are both WC20 & ISO 7176-19 certified for forward facing transportation with an occupant in a motor vehicle; Quick-release Seat Pan, any Dreamline Cushion, Dreamline Support backrest, Dreamline Contour backrest, quick-release Hip guides & armrests, swing-down pommel, both swing-away & fixed laterals, Dreamline adjustable headrest.

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating fully complies with RESNA WC-4:2012, Section 20 & is designed only for use with wheelchair frames which comply with the frontal-impact requirements of RESNA WC-4:2012, Section 19 when used as a transportation device for an occupant in a motor vehicle.

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating must only be used on wheelchair frames which provide four anchorage points and pelvic belt anchor points which comply with the requirements of RESNA WC-4:2012, Section 19.

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating has been designed to accommodate the proper use of vehicle-anchored belt restraints with a rating of 16 out of 16 & a pass level of A+ (Excellent): a) ease of properly positioning vehicle-anchored belt restraints on the wheelchair passenger, and b) the degree to which proper positioning of belt restraints can be achieved.

Excellence In Motion

Adjustability without compromise

Adjustability has been built into every component & may not be immediately obvious. However, when you need to make an adjustment you will find it not only capable but also easy.

Dynamic Pressure management technologies

  • Our all-foam cushions & our foam backrests use our “Bubble Contour” Technology. “Bubble Contour” is our way of removing tension from the foam increasing the ability for the occupant to immerse into the cushion. This technology also helps to keep air-flow exchange through the cushion.
  • Dreamline’s own patented fluid gel packs include soft polymer gel beans which “swim” in a lubricating fluid inside a sealed pack giving exceptional results through pressure-mapping. This is a core foundation which is then applied to products & can be found in 3 of our top pressure-care positioning cushions. The Gel in manufactured inhouse.
  • Woven Air – Air has long been recognised as the most efficient form of pressure management equalizing weight redistribution. It also makes the cushions very lightweight. This is a new patented foundational development for Rolapal. It has been ISO tested by a US University with excellent results for pressure management, lateral stability & horizontal stiffness. Woven air works by weaving sealed air tubes back & forwards through a pocket base which allows the air to travel through-out a quarter of the cushion equalizing pressure