Rolapal Technologies

Bubble Contour Technology

Bubble contour refers to the unique shaping of Dreamline foam contour profile.

Bubble Contour foam design Technology is designed to remove the tension in the foam cell structure to increase immersion & mimic the contour of an air cushion ballooning under load.

The unique front-to-rear curvature of the “bubble contour” cushion naturally form a pre-ischial shelf wherever the individual is sitting on the cushion to automatically reduce the potential for forward pelvic migration.

The gentle forward slope at the front of the cushion relieves pressure under the thighs behind the knees promoting increased blood flow to the lower legs & feet.

Woven Air Technology

Woven Air is the unique weaving of air tubes through a pocket with sleeves (the Air Pocket).

Cushions are divided into 4 regions (quad) with real dynamic air flotation throughout each section maximizing pressure management.

There is no ongoing inflation or maintenance with Woven Air. The air tubes are sealed & retain air throughout their lifespan.

Dreamline Cluster Gel

Soft Polymer gel beans, which mimic the bodies soft tissue density & elasticity, are mobilized in a slow-moving fluid inside sealed packs, for dynamic pressure management.

The gel & fluid mobilizer are not affected by heat, remaining consistent in flow & cushioning throughout hot & cold conditions.

BAC System (Backrest Advanced Contour System).

The BAC system is a series of miniature pads which attach to a rear shell which in turn is inserted inside the cover behind the foam inner of a backrest. The miniature BAC pads can be layered in infinite orientation, position & depth.

This unique device can be adjusted to the asymmetrical contours of the individual enabling custom backrest designs with the ability to alter or reverse the customisations at any time during its lifespan.

Expander Backrest Cover

The Expander unique cover system has expandable zip-up zones, so the cover adjusts in shape to match asymmetrical contours of a custom shaped backrest.

Dreamline Saddleback Lateral Bracket

This compact locking swing-away hardware is ambidextrous, has two modes of operation (lift tab or depress button) depending on the preference or ability of the individual, & is infinitely adjustable to suit the exact support position required.

Dreamline U2 Backrest Hardware

Durability proven over many years; the Dreamline U2 backrest hardware is intuitive to use with few components & reliable.

Dreamline STX2 Comfort Wrap

The comfort layer over the STX2 & G7 cushions, flows over customized contours of the structural foam base of the cushion, has frontal ties to inhibit migration during transfers & contains a rear zip-up pocket to which gel packs or air cells can be inserted & protected from the movements of the individual.

Dreamline STX Stackable Pillow Technology

Dreamline STX Backrests have multiple stackable Visco-elastic Sunmate foam filled pillows which can be multi-layered & repositioned anywhere on the backrest to accommodate asymmetrical body shapes comfortably. The soft memory foam structure reduces the need for accuracy in positioning as they simply mould to the shape of the user.

Rola Wheelchair Multi-Radius Tilt Rail

The Rolapal tilt-in-space wheelchair tilt rail design incorporates a multiple radius curvature in a single track enabling the wheelchair to tilt from -10 degrees anterior tilt through to 50 degrees posterior tilt in a single operation without special setup & has a very low floor to seat height reducing the centre-of-gravity.

Rola Wheelchair Enclosed Tilt Locking Mechanism

The Rolapal tilt-in-space wheelchair tilt locking system is fully cable free and internal to protect the tilt rollers & locking mechanism from spills, fluids, weather and reduces the risk of finger impingement.

Ease of use

Whether it is a therapist or technician making an adjustment, a wheelchair user trying to maximise efficiency or a care-giver washing a cover, our products have been cleverly designed to make each process easier for real world situations.

Performance enhancing materials manufacturing

Utilising high-performance materials processes from the Aerospace & Racing sectors, Rolapal manufactures its carbon fibre assistive technology products from scratch with our own inhouse carbon fibre moulding machinery & CNC machining equipment.