Dreamline Wheelchair Seating Supports



Dreamline has a range of headrest pads & bracket options to suit multiple needs. Like other Dreamline supports all headrest pads have a firm closed cell foam structure with a soft immersive overlay of Sunmate visco-elastic foam (apart from the open curved headrest pad which has a soft 3″thick immersive pillow). The headrest designs incoporate a Occipital roll to increase head support & positioning. The headrest brackets are multi-adjustable with secure ball clamps & links with interlocking teeth for maximum positioning grip. The swing-down headrest bracket option provides a quick method of the head pad removal for greater caregiver ease during transfers.

The head through gravity can lead the body so the positioning of the head is critical to the overall success of the seat. Dreamline puts a lot of emphasis ensuring the head can be positioned in the best location to maximize sitting ability, head control & communication / participation. Restricting lateral movement can have the added effect of reducing drooping of the head. Ocippital supports on the headrest pads enable an increased control of head position & the Adjustable pad series (Pivot-wing, Tri-pad & Quad-pad) offer advanced head control. All dreamline headrests can be upgraded to include singular or multiple swing-away support pads for added control.

  • Assist Pad – A minimilistic head support for more active users requiring protection for travel etc.
  • Open Curved Pad – a wide soft pillow-like headrest for comfortable support without restricting head lateral movement.
  • Contour Pad – has a contouring depth of 3″- 4″ for more lateral support to the user.
  • Pivot-wing Pad – the lateral wings of the headrest pad are multi-adjustable in width, depth, & rotation angle & pivot for more accurate positioning of the head. the pad set-up can be reversed for high wing or low wing lateral poisiton.
  • Tri-Pad – this headrest pad has 3 pads, each with its own adjustable ball joint for accurate positioning of the head.
  • Quad-Pad – this headrest pad has 4-pads on individual ball joints for maximum positioning options.
  • Customizable
  • Max User Weight: 180kg
  • Pressure redistribution: Sunmate Visco-elastic Foam
  • Composition: The pad has an Aluminium inner, closed cell foam structural base & with a soft sunmate visco-elastic foam overlay. Brackets are alumminium with stainless steel fasteners.
  • Covers: Neoprene – 4-way stretch water-resistant & machine washable.
  • Other items Included in the pack: Fasteners for attachment
  • Adjustability: Width, height, depth, rotational angle & tilt.
  • Sizes: Small, Large

Dreamline Assist Headrest Pad

DHPASML 220mmW x 117mmH
DHPALGE 240mmW x 125mmH

Dreamline Contoured Headrest Pad

DHPCXSML 160mmW x 95mmH
DHPCSML 230mmW x 117mmH
DHPCLGE 270mmW x 140mmH

Dreamline Open Curved Headrest Pad

DHPOCSML 300mmW x 150mmH
DHPOCLGE 400mmW x 185mmH

Dreamline Pivot-Wing Headrest Pad

DHPPWSML 185mmW x 140mmH
DHPPWLGE 205mmW x 158mmH

Dreamline Tri-Pad Headrest Pad

DHPTPSML 185mmW x 140mmH
DHPTPLGE 205mmW x 158mmH

Dreamline Quad-Pad Headrest Pad

DHPQPSML 195mmW x 140mmH
DHPQPLGE 295mmW x 158mmH